Hybrid & All Paddle Trips

CanX Hybrid trips are designed for participation with flexibility. Each morning, you decide whether to raft in an oar boat; be part of a paddle boat team; or navigate an inflatable kayak. Your Trip Leader describes the day’s rapids and itinerary each evening for overnight consideration. CanX Hybrid trips include five oar boats, one paddle boat and two inflatable kayaks (IKs).

What Makes Us Unique

CanX’s Hybrid trip includes our signature paddle boat and two inflatable kayaks in addition to five oar boats. Each boat type offers an opportunity to be hands-on, and you don’t have to decide in advance of your trip which craft is right for you.
With so many hikes and camp sites to choose from, each trip can be tailored to participants interests and varied abilities, the time of year, the weather, etc. Every trip is a unique experience.
From shade-grown coffee to hormone-free meats, organic and natural foods, our meals are geared for a healthy lifestyle with fresh fruits and vegetables throughout.
Fun in the little rapids; easy to paddle through the flat water; positions easily at the tops of big rapids. Our paddle boat carries no frame or gear for your safety and paddling enjoyment.