B2Betrader.com is a “free to use” business to business (b2b) re-marketing, classified and directory listing website.

This website serves businesses and professionals that are looking to buy, sell, trade, and barter commercial assets and resources including equipment, supplies or services. It’s a one-stop marketplace for anyone to buy, sell, trade and barter everything from (tangible) products like machinery to (non-tangible) products like trademark patents and everything in between.

Great for investors, start-up businesses, dealers, liquidators and companies’ procurement professionals.

B2Betrader.com is a smarter more focus re-marketing listing website that gives you the ability to place ads on an open market network based on industry use. It’s also a powerful centralized networking hub powered by all the major social media outlets and the “social-sharing” technology giving your listing maximum exposure and the maximum return on your investment.
This website will be an important source for raising capital to help finance upcoming new projects or help with the maintenance of current infrastructures. It will ultimately help businesses operate more efficiently, and at the same time help the environment by reducing unnecessary waste. Going Green Does Pay!